BIGFOOT: Gigantopithecus? Human Hybrid? What is it?

bigfoot1When it comes to Bigfoot the classical question is, “Does Bigfoot really exist.”  Personally I think that is a non-question as there is far too much evidence indicating strongly that it does exist.  That evidence ranges from a multitude of individual sightings, to pictures, to tracks, and to hair.  The mere fact of the preponderence of evidence would stand up in any court of law.  So YES would be the answer to the question in my opinion.

The question now becomes what is it?  Is Bigfoot some form of previously unknown North American ape?  Is it some sort of distant relative from modern man, homo sapien?  Well to begin with if it is some sort of previously unknown ape it would not be special to North America as it is found all over the world from Nepal to Florida, from Siberia to Canada, from the deserts and forests of Arizona to the rugged mountains of China.  Bigfoot does have some behavior that is common to apes namely forest gorillas.  I’m speaking of the stone throwing that many people have reported when camping or hiking and encountering Bigfoot.  They tend to throw small stones or pebbles at campers and hikers in much the same manner as the mountain gorillas and other primates do.  Of course modern human beings also throw stones.  But this is behavior usually associated with apes.  However, bigfoot walks upright and apes do not.  In fact, the only other primate to walk erect is modern man, homo sapien.  Add to that the fact that the eyes and nose area of bigfoot has no hair and it looks uncannyingly like a man in need of a shave!  So is it ape or man or something inbetween?  Could bigfoot be the “missing link”?  More accurately ONE of MANY missing links in human evolution?  Possibly.

The new series “Finding Bigfoot” has come up with two eyewitnesses in West Virginia who claim to have found hard evidence of the creature.  That hard evidence is hair and it looks much more like human hair rather than animal fur as one would typically find out in the wilderness.  The area where the hair was found is in the Greenbrier River area of WV and for a long while now people in that area have been saying there is a sasquatch in the area.  The hair is reportedly very fine hair that the couple collected.  The TV series team had the hair samples analyzed at a lab but the results were inconclusive.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  Human history is NOT what we’ve been taught I’m afraid.  In fact it is very different indeed.  More about that in later posts I suppose.  Let me just say many of you will be shocked or maybe not.

There is a short video report on this find at:|main5|dl5|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D262385

This is NOT the only possible Bigfoot hair find contrary to what the above article says.  Back in December 2012 Sci-Tech Today reported that researchers at an internationally well known DNA lab had successfully sequenced Bigfoot DNA.  Those genetic researchers asserted that Bigfoot is REAL.  That DNA sequencing was led by Dr Melba Ketchum and she says her and her team now have a complete genome of the creature.  Their conclusion was that Bigfoot is a HUMAN HYBRID!  A mix of human and non-human DNA elements.  Their findings are awaiting peer review which is standard procedure in true science.

For more on Dr Ketchum’s research see:

Dr Ketchum is the founder of DNA Diagnostics, Inc in east Texas.  The team spent 5 years conducting their study on alleged Bigfoot hair samples.  They concluded it is a hominin hybrid species in North America.  Ketchum and her team believe Bigfoot to be a human relative that developed about 15,000 years ago as a hybrid cross of modern homo sapiens and some unknown primate species.  Thus, they concluded the creature is a human hybrid.  Further, they concluded that Bigfoot is the product of some unknown hominin male species interbreeding with homo sapien females.  Genetic testing ruled out the possibility the creature could be Homo Neanderthalis (Neanderthals) or Denisova Hominins.  Ketchum says the male DNA comes from some species that is removed from humans moreso than other recently discovered hominins like the Denisovan individual.  She went on to report that although Bigfoot has human nuclear DNA in the hair samples it also has distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin, and non-ape DNA sequences as well.  Thus, Bigfoot DNA is unique, Ketchum says.  The bottomline on Bigfoot as far as Ketchum and her team are concerned is that it is a HUMAN HYBRID.

You’ll find the DNA Diagnostics Lab press release at:

Now for many decades doing some of my own random research into Bigfoot I’ve often thought that it might be Gigantopithecus which is assumed to be an extinct genus of ape existing roughly 9 million years ago to as recent as 100 thousand years ago according to mainstream anthropology.  This creature’s fossil remains have been found in China, India, and Vietnam but never in North America.  The fossil record indicates it was the largest genus of ape that every lived standing with a height of 9 feet (almost 10 feet) (3 meters) and weighing about 540 kilograms (1200 lbs.).  The first remains of this creature were found in 1935 by anthropoligist Ralph von Koenigswald in an apothecary shop.  Fossils found by him were teeth and bones which are often ground into powder and used in traditional Chinese medicine remedies.  He coined the name Gigantophithecus as well.

It is important to note that since von Koenigswald’s find in the Chinese medicine shop relatively FEW fossils of Gigantopithecus have been found since that time!  In fact, the only other evidence found has been a few molars found in other Chinese medicine shops and in the Liucheng Cave in Liuzhou, northern China.  China has produced numerous black teeth and jawbones of the alleged giant ape over the years.  Finds have also been found in Vietnam and India on occassion.  Often the Chinese label them as “dragon bones” or “oracle bones.”  Also it must be noted that not all of these finds have been dated to the same time frame as some appear later in date than others.  Mainstream anthropoligists speculate it walked on all fours like modern gorillas do but there is no proof to this.  It is theory!  Some, however, believe this creature may well have walked ERECT!  Since no pelvic or leg bones have ever been found this is all a matter of speculation with no hard core proof of either.  Dr Gover Krantz investigated fossils of the creature and concluded it walked erect.  His conclusion was based on the fact that the U-shaped jawbone fossils of the creature are wider towards the rear and, thus, this allows for the windpipe to be within the jaw allowing the skull to sit squarely upon a fully eret spine like it does in modern humans.  In apes the windpipe and skull sit in front of the spine.  Krantz’s speculation is supported by this evidence that the creature walked erect just as we do and as Bigfoot does!

Three species of Gigantophithecus have been determined.  The first is known as Gigantopithecus Blacki whose fossil teeth and mandibles were found in caves in Southeast Asia (Vietnam primarily).  This species is believed to have existed 1 million years ago and went extinct about 100K years ago.  That would place it as a contemporary with modern humans for tens of thouseands of years.  It would also indicate it coexisted with Homo Erectus, a relative of modern humans, before the appearance of Homo Sapiens (modern humans).  This species of course was much bigger than humans and is believed to have been about 10 feet tall (3 meters).

Gigantopithecus Bilaspurensis is the second species identified.  This species lived primarily in the region of India about 6-9 million years ago.  The third species is known as Gigantopithecus Giganteus whose fossils have been found in norther India and China.  This species is believed to be about half the size of Blacki so it would have been about 1.5 meters in height which is about 5 feet or 6 feet making it about the same size as humans today.  Ironically, Bigfoot is slightly larger than modern humans in terms of height.  It is estimated the average height of Bigfoot is about 6.5 to 7 feet tall.  All of these species were herbivores btw.

So as you can see Bigfoot does have much in common with Gigantopithecus in terms of diet and height.  And it also has much in common in terms of appearance.  Gigantopithecus is believed to have been covered with hair from head to toe and is believed by some as walking erect just as Bigfoot does.  Many Bigfoot researchers believe that the creature is a modern day Gigantopithecus and this theory is known as the BIGFOOT-GIGANTO THEORY in Bigfoot research circles.

The Bigfoot-Giganto Theory suggests that the creature may well be surviving relatives of Gigantopithecus (Giant Ape) presumed to be extinct but maybe not afterall.  This theory has attracted many anthropologists and primatologists over the past few decades.


But what about the human DNA that Dr Ketchum and her team found?  Remember what she said?  She said this:

Ketchum said Bigfoot is a HUMAN HYBRID and she went on to report that although Bigfoot has human nuclear DNA in the hair samples it also has distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin, and non-ape DNA sequences as well.

Gigantopithecus has no human DNA and fossil remains of this giant ape have never been found in North America.  So if Dr Ketchum’s DNA analysis is correct then Bigfoot cannot be Gigantopithecus, at least not fully.  But what about Australopithecus?  I’ve considered the possibility that Australopithecus may be modern day Bigfoot as well.

Australopithecus evolved in Eastern Africa some 4 million years ago and then spread through the African continent.  It is believed it became extinct about 2 million years ago.  There were various species of this creature.  These creatures are distant human relatives according to the theory of evolution and eventually evolved into Homo genus which is our genus!  Many palaeontologists believe this creature played a significant role in human evolution and that it was one of the australopith species that eventually evolved into the Homo genus in Africa about 2 million years ago.  These creatures shared several traits with modern apes and modern humans.  They were believed to be bipedal hominids and footprints found of the creature at Laetoli in Tanzania reveal they are remarkable similar to modern human footprints.  This creature is considered to be a “pre-human.”

Anthropologists believe that the Homo genus (us) either split off from the Austral genus or both developed from some unknown common ancestor independently.  Now these creatures were not large like Bigfoot.  They only stood about 1.2-1.4 cm (3 ft 10 in to 4 ft 7 in) tall and their brains were only about 35% the size of that of ours.  The fossil record appears to indicate that Australs were the common ancestor of distinct groups of hominids like the Paranthropus and most likely humans (genus Homo).  The intelligence of these creatures is suspected as being higher than modern apes and it is believed they walked erect like we do.


So because of its small size it appears likely that Australopithecus and Bigfoot are not one in the same although they might be cousins in the family tree along with ourselves.  But I must point out that this species may be the common ancestor of both Bigfoot and Homo Sapien (humans).  The footprints certainly do not match those found by Bigfoot as they are small while Bigfoot prints are large.  So I’m ruling Australopithecus out as being the modern Bigfoot.  Gigantopithecus seems the more likely candidate.  But still, what abou the human DNA found by Dr Ketchum?

Ketchum said Bigfoot is a HUMAN HYBRID and she went on to report that although Bigfoot has human nuclear DNA in the hair samples it also has distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin, and non-ape DNA sequences as well.

Let’s look briefly at human evolution theory.  Homo Habilis was believed to be the earliest form of the Homo genus (our own) until May of 2010 when it was proposed that Homo Gautengensis was theorized to be even older.  Homo Habilis is the LEAST similar to modern humans of all the species of the genus Homo.  He was short and had disproportionately long arms as compared to modern humans.  Its face was less protruding than australopithecines from which it is thought to have descended.  It’s brain cavity was slightly less than half the size of modern human cranial cavities.  He was known as “Tool Man” because primitive stone tools are often found with his fossils.  There is debate over whether Habilis is a direct human ancestor or not..  In 2007 new findings suggested that Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus coexisted and might have been spearate lineages from a common ancestor rather than as believed previously that Erectus descended from Habilis.

Homo Gautengensis is a hominin species and some scientists believe he is the earliest Homo genus.  This creature was a plant eater and was small brained with large teeth.  It used stone tools and may even have made fire.  Evidence of burnt animal bones are found with fossils of this creature.  He stood about 3 ft (0.91 m) tall and weighted about 110 lbs (50 kg).  He walked on two feet on the ground but it is believed he spent much time in the trees feeding and sleeping.  Researchers believe it lacked speech and language skills.  They think he was a close relative of Homo Sapiens but not necessarily our direct ancestor.

Denisova Hominin (Denisovans) were a genus of Homo that might belong to a previously unknown species of humans, on the other hand.  Their discovery was announce in March of 2010.  Their fossils were not found in Africa but in Siberia in a cave also once inhabited by Neanderthals and modern humans.  Analysis of DNA showed a finger bone was genetically distinct from Neanderthal and modern human DNA.  Follow up DNA study of the nuclear genome from this species showed this creature shared a common origin with Neanderthals and that they LIVED AMONG AND INTERBRED WITH ANCESTORS OF SOME PRESENT DAY MODERN HUMANS!


Not much is known about this species but genetic studies do indicate they mated with at least 2 groups of ancient humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans.  Genetics indicates that about 4% of DNA in non-African modern humans is the same as that found in Neanderthals and, thus, this suggests interbreeding as well.  DNA evidence also shows that about 4-6% of the genome in modern humans comes from Denisovans.  Now remember Dr Ketchum and her team concluded that the DNA found in the Bigfoot hair samples was NOT related to either Neanderthals or Denisovas!

Dr Ketchum’s DNA sequencing has not yet been replicated so there is no independent verification that her conclusions are correct.  But assuming they are correct then what is the common ancestor between us and Bigfoot if any?

Ketchum says the male DNA comes from some species that is removed from humans moreso than other recently discovered hominins like the Denisovan individual.  She went on to report that although Bigfoot has human nuclear DNA in the hair samples it also has distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin, and non-ape DNA sequences as well.  Thus, Bigfoot DNA is unique, Ketchum says.  The bottomline on Bigfoot as far as Ketchum and her team are concerned is that it is a HUMAN HYBRID.

Whatever species Bigfoot comes from it is further removed from human ancestors than the Denisovans who are closer to human DNA.  Bigfoot has human nuclear DNA but it also has “distinctly non-human” DNA and “non-ape DNA.”  Further, according to Ketchum it also has “non-archaic hominin” DNA meaning Bigfoot has DNA that is NON-ancient hominin DNA.  So if that DNA is non-ancient ape or human then what is it?  Modern type DNA!!  So who interbred with Bigfoot????

We won’t have any definite answers on Bigfoot DNA until we get more samples and do more studies.  Obviously this species is intelligent and elusive.  Just because we don’t have one in captivity doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  The mountain gorilla was not discovered until 1902.  We are still today discovery new animal, bird, and fish species previously unknown and these animals have obviously successfully avoided contact with humans.  Why should Bigfoot be any different?  Contrary to popular assumption many animals avoid human contact and have done so successfully and some still do!

I still tend to lead towards the BIGFOOT-GIGANTO THEORY when it comes to Bigfoot.  I will do so until we find evidence to the contrary that Bigfoot is some species of modern day Gigantopithecus.  That would make it an ape but Dr Ketchum says DNA shows it is NON-APE DNA.  Maybe she is wrong on that point.  Maybe not.  She says too that Bigfoot is a HUMAN HYBRID and I agree with that observation.  But what mated with humans to produce Bigfoot?  The jury is still out and my leaning towards the BGT theory is not set in concrete.  We must follow the science wherever it leads and I try to do just that in my own limited research on this mysteriious and elusive APE MAN we call Bigfoot.

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